Honda Civic Problem Report

Honda Civic Power Window Switch May Fail

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On Certain models a faulty power window switch can cause the power windows to work or not work intermittently.

Driver's side window will not go up or down. Not a motor or regulator problem, no noise. It failed before but would work after 3 or 4 pushes of the switch, now doesn not work at all. -
My rear passenger window has stopped mid way. Will not go up or down. -
rear driver's side window stuck in down position. -
Driver side, passenger window switch failed. -
Rear power windows stopped working (fortunately in the closed position) bothw within two weeks of each other. I haven't had it repaired -
drivers window goes down but not up. -
passenger window switch located at driver's side doesn't make it work. it has to be operated from the swith located at that passenger's side only. -
Passenger front window was slow then stopped moving. I had replaced the motor in the driver front window 9 months earlier, but this window is in a door that was replaced with a used door after an accident. The insurance agreed to replace the motor, but after the replacement any attempt to use the window would cause a fuse to blow. The Body Shop said they were not qualified to figure out the electrical problem and sent me back to my Dealer service Shop. Dealer says it is a Master Switch - cost $326. Wish I knew whether this was accident related and why it is happening. I saw a recall on the CRV that looks like the same part. -
window would not raise for many days, then one day, I flipped the switch again and. it worked. -
Same problem with my two rear windows working intermittenly. Honda said a new motor for one is over $500/plus labor. Too expensive for me. Could this be a fuse? -
driver side window stuck, was told by dealer it was the switch 2 years ago when they got it unstuck and working...i replaced switch myself this time and it is still stuck. -
Would get stuck about half way up, could pull up while holding the automatic window button up for a couple trys. If pulling up wouldn't work, restarting my car and pulling up would get the window to go up. The last time it worked only after restarting my car multiple times, and after multiple attempts trying to pull the window up. Now I avoid using until I'm able to get it fixed. -
passenger window not operating in either direction, with either switch. Drivers side works fine. -
power windows not working on passenger and rear passenger side of vehicle -
Rear passenger window behind driver will not go up after going down. Driver switch for rear passenger window does not work. What to do? -
All the windows stopped working except the drivers window. -
Driver power window switch stopped working. -
Rear windows don't work intermittently. -
Rear passengers side doesn't work 2010 civic -
Rear driver's side switch doesn't work, window doesn't go up or down. -
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driver side works good right front and rear windows wont go up or down window lock is off
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