Q: Power Window switch cannot lift up, window is in down position on 2003 Toyota Corolla

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My front (drivers side) power window switch will not lift up and close window. My Window is in down all the way. Is this a sign of motor failure, regulator failure, or just a fuse/relay issue. All other switches are working fine.
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Two fuse a 10 Amp(gauge) and 30 Amp fuse (marked power) are the two fuses in the circuit but they would effect all windows if they were bad. Do you hear any attempt of the motor trying to operate when you work the switch. The door panel will have to be removed to check for power at the yellow and the green wire at the window motor, and allow inspection of the window regulator and window master switch.
remove drivers door panel disconnect window motor wires connector . apply 12v to one wire and ground to other wire, window motor should run, if not you have a motor problem. Be sure to check the regulator for binding or bent.