Q: power stering pump on 1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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i replace the power stering pump and the high presure hose and my car still have the grinder noise can you help me what can i do.
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With the engine running do you hear a grinding "whirring sound" at idle, wheels not turned? If so the check the fluid level. and belt tension.
The re-manufacturers off the power steering pumps and racks tell you after fitting the new components jack up the car engine off turn the steering wheel from side to side 10 times to purge the system of air ,then with the wheels still off the ground start the car and turn the steering from side to side and top up th fluid level as required. Lastly I have seen a lot of very poorly re- manufactured power steering pumps. My boss refuses to use pumps manufactured by several re-builders. Call the people you got the pump from and ask them what return rate do they have from this particular manufacturer.