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Q: Power Steering/ABS System on 1990 Toyota 4Runner

My power steering pump went out. Husband couldn't fix it, so I had the pump, high pressure hose, and other hoses fixed. Drove it a total of 5 miles, no leaks/problems. Got in today, started the truck, and heard a strange whine. I drove forward, made 1 left turn and then couldn't turn the steering wheel; as if the power steering went out again. Drove a 2 more miles and every time I hit the brakes, there is an awful groan from the brakes and I can turn the wheel, but it is very stiff. Drove back to the shop. They took the passenger rear wheel and found a MASSIVE leak from the seal, etc. They think that the ABS is stuck in "on" because the seals, etc are damaged. Basically they told me that the ABS was not working due to the power steering and once the power steering system was fixed it triggered the ABS system to lock up. Can someone tell me if this sounds right? So now, they are replacing the rear brakes, and the one seal and the canister looking thing that is at the top of the whole assembly. They also said if that doesn't fix the problem, it could be the wheel bearing. I just don't understand how I could drive it home, everything was fine, it sits overnight and suddenly not work. Please help.
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none of that makes any sense. get your car out of there and take it to another shop for a real diag that will make sense.

Well, tomorrow they are replacing the seals, brake shoes, and brake cylinders and bleeding the brake lines and replacing the brake fluid. Either way, that is work that needed to be done anyway. Could it just be air in the power steering system lines?
i had the same trouble.on 4 runners the power steering is linked to the brake power sterring bearing out and meatal got in the entire system ,flushed the entire system and replaced power sterring took 3 flushings to get all clean again.worked great for 2 months and the pedal got hard to mash. i think it probably just has air in it now because it does still stop and power sterring is still fine. hope it helps
mike from carolinas
Yeah, I found out the hard way that the power steering and brake/ABS systems are linked. What a pain!! After the rear brake job, I developed a small leak on the front around the power steering pump. I thought it was residual, then it got worse and there was a lot of noise. I should have paid attention to it. Turns out I had to replace another $240.00 high pressure line for the ABS system. After 2 more flushes, the system is working well (so far). Unfortunately, my truck is in the shop now getting a new engine, so I haven't had much time to test out the whole system, but hopefully it is good now. Sorry you had the same problem, but I am glad it's not just my 4runner!! Thanks for the reply
Jen, So Cal
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