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Q: power steering whine on 2003 Cadillac Seville STS

my buddys 2003 seville sts has a pwower steering whine, we changed the pump rack and lines, but the whine is still there. reason we changed them is that the car sat for a couple years and he wants all new parts. i have been a tech for 15 year and this is the first time i have come across this, i thought maybe bad rack or pump so changed them again. i just cant see getting two bad racks or pumps. is there something i am missing here. please help
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it has run for about an hour fluid has no air at all, all lines free flowing and all new along with the rack and the pump
Let the owner drive it about a week! Then if still noisy, deal with it then!!! Sometimes it may whine for a few days, i have found, then quiet down. Try it, because you have done everything else. Also just a little Lucas oil stablizer will help! Sounds crazy, but i use it all the time with any type of lube, and it helps!
Put a reman. (pump) on a jeep last week, whined for 3 days, then quiet as a mouse! Have seen it before that as well. One more thing, make SURE the noise is actually coming from the PS pump, and not another drive belt related componet, like maybe the alt. bearing, ac comp. bearing, belt tensioner/idler etc.!!!!! I have been doing this shi....... stuff for about 40 years, still get fooled by crap like this. (sometimes)
thanks again pushrod. if u ever need any help with bmws or merc hit my up
Thanks, I will do just that, cause they give me a headache!!! My Modis is almost useless on them also, any European make for that matter!
yeah the guys i work with are master tech. one knows bmw like the back of his hand the other is vw, i just am an all around tech i work on everything

oh yeah auto tensioner is bad thanks again
Cool, glad you found it! Know what ya mean about working on anything, out here in the Va. sticks, we work on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING too!
Farm equiment to Helicopters seems like. Then a few autos. as well.
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