Q: Power steering went out but fluid is full but black. Left turns are worse? on 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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Power steering randomly went stiff the other day. left hand turns are really stiff, but right isn't so bad. Checked the fluid and it is full, but black. took some out and added some but still not working. Kinda makes a whining noise when turning. 110K miles
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i believe your rack and pinion internal valving has gone bad. that will cause stiffness in one direction or both more so when cold to start with
I would try this first. Go to this website to find a shop that uses this product Then go to this website to see how the service is done .Preventive maintenance is very important. Most try to cram the sevices down the customers throat. A professional shop will explain why preventive maintenance is so important and it extends the life of your vehicle. It also prevents exactly what has happened to you. Take the time and veiw the different type of services that need to be performed.
I believe you still might save the rack and pinion if your do a BG power steering flush. The only other option is replace rack & pinion.
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