Q: Power steering rack/ gear assembly is leaking on 2006 Buick Rendezvous

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We had 3 power steering pumps put in when it was under warranty and now that it is not under warranty the power steering fluid is leaking and they want us to pay $1,000 to fix it. $200 for the tranny flush, tires have 26,000 miles on them they said we need new tires at $560, calipher knuckle service front and rear $100 and $140 for fuel injection service. Grand total $2,000 plus tax for a 2006 buick rendezvous with 53,520 miles on it. Help Me Please!!! Joan
(1) Answer
Was the rack and pinion replaced more than 12 months and 12K miles ago?. Even if your car is out of the 4Y/50K warranty the parts that was replaced should have at least 12m/12K warranty on them, which overlaps the regular warranty. Check your invoice, other than that there is not much to do beside trying to use the "lemon law" if you had lots of repair done during the warranty period. You need to check your state regulations for this.