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Q: Power steering pump whine on 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

I got a new power steering pump and after three of them they all whined, and the third one didn't go out or anything it just whines all the time, when the car is just running, during acceleration, etc. I checked the fluid, its fine, i got a new belt made sure it was tight, got a new belt tensioner, got a new battery, and alternator because also when i am stopped if i turn the wheel kind of fast the steering gets tight and my battery guage goes down. Why is this?
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Try bleeding the P/strg system this way to see if this helps. Anytime you load the engine with the steering the battery gage may go down. Not sure if that is relevant to your steering problem or not.

Important: Power steering fluid level must be maintained throughout bleed procedure.

Fill pump reservoir with fluid to minimum system level, FULL COLD level, or middle of hash mark on cap stick fluid level indicator.
Important: With hydro-boost only, the oil level will appear falsely high if the hydro-boost accumulator is not fully charged. Do not apply the brake pedal with the engine OFF. This will discharge the hydro-boost accumulator.

If equipped with hydro-boost, fully charge the hydro-boost accumulator using the following procedure:
2.1. Start the engine.

2.2. Firmly apply the brake pedal 10-15 times.

2.3. Turn the engine OFF.

Raise the vehicle until the front wheels are off the ground. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle in General Information.
Key on engine OFF, turn the steering wheel from stop to stop 12 times.
Vehicles equipped with hydro-boost systems or longer length power steering hoses may require turns up to 15 to 20 stop to stops.

Verify power steering fluid level per operating specification. Refer to Checking and Adding Power Steering Fluid .
Start the engine. Rotate steering wheel from left to right. Check for sign of cavitation or fluid aeration (pump noise/whining).
Verify the fluid level. Repeat the bleed procedure if necessary
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