Q: power steering pump hoses on 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

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How do you get to the hose fitting on the back of the pump to remove it
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There are special tools available to access the hard to reach fittings. You may need the correct size "crowfoot" line wrench with whatever adapters need to reach the fitting. There is also a fitting in the back of the power steering pump which you may need to hold while you are loosening the hose fitting so it does not turn. Now you know why shop technicians have such large tool boxes.
Could you please tell us the names and possibly show photos of the various types of end fittings for G.M. power steering pump pressure hoses to the pump?
I just did this. The "easiest" way to access the fitting is from below, with the truck either on ramps or jackstands. I cut down a 16mm wrench to about 6" to loosen and retighten the fitting.