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Q: power steering pump filler cap on 1991 Ford F-150

Can some one tell me how to get off in a ford F-150 5.0L V8 year 1991? I've tried unscrewing it left like a normal cap but it wont pull off, it just stay's stuck. I need the truck tomorrow and it wont steer hardly at all and I really need to see if it's out of fluid
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Usually the caps on a power steering pump are 1/4 turn to remove try tightening it again and turn 1/4 turn to the left and see if it comes off. But it sounds like the pump has failed because if you didn't notice a large amount of power steering fluid below the vehicle I would say the pump failed
Well yeah I figured put the 1/4 turn part and I did try again but it's still stuck on there real good. I didn't notice any fluid under the truck but it hasn't been run sense a few day's ago so there really isn't any pressure in the pump itself. What's the chances though maybe the filter is out and what would it take to get a new one on there. I know very little about working on fords. and does anyone know a good site to see how to replace a filter if that's the case?
And thank you, by the way. I'm still really muffed on why it's stuck there so bad. I tried pulling it off this morning and it about drove me nuts.
Hey dude! thank's allot man. Finally got it off and its dry as a bone. Hopefully that's the problem and it'll work when I fill it later. Took a pair of pliers to pull it off. anyway thanks for the help and I'll keep in mind about the pump, I could still use a site to find out how to change the filter though if there is one on that model. Thanks for the help again.
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