Q: Power steering pump on 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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I need to know if my car has a separate belt for the power steering pump. I was driving on the highway and sudddenly heard a flapping sound after a pop. The sound was quick and then over. The battery light lit up in the notification center but then drove fine so I continued so that I could get home. When I got into town the car was very hard to turn. I got home and put power steering fluid into the reservoir but the fluid did not go down and did not make the turning any easier. I followed the hose from the PS reservoir and the part attached which I assume to be the pump. It has a pulley with no belt on it. Does that mean the pump went out or just the belt... And does the rest of the car run with a separate belt. Can I drive it this way?
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I would replace the belt and then check the operation of the power steering. I believe this belt also drives the A/C, is that right?
The belt may have broken due to age, pulley misalignment or a seized bearing or pulley. Install a new belt and check it out thoroughly.