Q: Power Steering not right steers like a truck on 2002 Dodge Caravan

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The above car has started to become hard to
and on...but then clears up and works right. So I'm
thinking the P.S. Fluid needs to be changed, and the system
flushed...or some other part suddenly steers
like a truck right now. The vehicle was bought used, and has not been in an accident that I know of...what would you
suggest I do ?? Thanks for your input ...Dave
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Try flushing the fluid, take the return hose to the reservoir put it in a container to catch return oil, jack up and support the front of the van, apply the brake place transmission in park, start the engine, get a friend to turn the steering wheel as you keep topping up the reservoir with fresh fluid. If the steering doesn't improve the steering pressure will have to be checked to see that the pump is OK.