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Q: Power Steering noise problems. on 2007 GMC Acadia

We took our Acadia two weeks ago to have the timing chain replaced. Since then we have a whinning noise comming from the power steering. That too has been replaced. Our dealership has been so called burping the lines to get the air out. No luck. Any suggestions to make the noise stop?
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It happened to my 2007 Acadia. I opened the hood then open the main engine cover cap to access the steering fluid. It shown under minimum. After I filled it up, the whinning noise is gone. My steering fluid did not show bubble. Some say that you can open the steering fluid cap, then have the engine runs for about 30-45 minutes. This may help to get the bubble settled down. There is another problem with the steering rubbing noise when driver turning the wheel either right or left. This is another problem and many people reported to have a new steering rack installed which costs around $1300.
If it really is the power steering pump that is continuing to whine, they may not have bled all of the air out. If there is any air the steering lines, the pump can whine. The replacement part may also just coincidentally be defective. The only thing to really suggest when it comes to power steering is to repeat the bleeding procedure (by the book) until all of the air is out of the system and make sure you have the correct amount of fluid in the reservoir. If the fluid has cavitated (tons of tiny bubbles) this can make it difficult to bleed and may just need to set a while until the bubbles settle out. Before driving it in the morning, check the fluid level and see where it is. If it is low, add the correct amount of fluid (check your manual to make sure you're getting the right stuff). I hope this helps!
That has been happening to my wife's 2007 Acadia as well. We took it in today. When it rains the belts squeak loud every so often but the steering locked up on me last week while I was driving on the road. This is a common problem and needs to be addressed with a recall. If your vehicle is still under warranty I would suggest you call 1800 CA LEMON and start your claim. Unfortunately I didnt get the extended warranty and my factory warranty is no longer in affect. This morning when I took it in, my mechanic said that replacing the tensioner and belt might be enough but I will keep you posted here on this site as to the outcome.
After four months of messing around with this seriouse cabin noise and three power steering pumps later, we switch dealerships. Within the first 20 minutes of them examing they found the problem. When the timing chain was replaced and the engine was put back inside the Acadia..there were two metal bars touching...the mechanic reach inside pulled them apart so they were "not" touching any longer...the noise disappeared!! So very fustrating. Now...since the old dealership did so much turning on our steering column..I now hear a noise everytime I turn but at least is isn't the winning noise that was driving us crazy all summer long. I still very much love my Acadia and would buy one again just not the same year as it was manufactured. I hope this helps and good luck!
My 2007 power steering whined and someone posted on another site to add power steering fluid...even a little above the full mark. I did this a few months ago and the whine is still gone.
I have a 2008 Acadia SLT1. This weekend, the power steering went completly out. Thankfully, I was making a slow turn & could both hands to get it to turn. The power steering didn't come back on until the next day -- then it was for only a short time period before it cut off again. We've had the steering column replaced for some recall that we hadn't been notified of yet. Just can't believe all the "little" things that have gone wrong with the vehicle. Very frustating!!
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