Q: power steering fluid leaks on 1999 Buick Regal

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i am having to fill my power steering fluid bottle about once a month due to the fact that it somehow must be leaking fluid somewhere. My steering wheel makes lots of noise and gets hard to steer when this happens. Could this be a simple problem, I hope?
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It could be the power steering hose leaking or it could be the power steering pump.

Sounds like your powers steering pump is losing pressure because of the leak and low fluid. This could cause the problem you're describing. You can probably get estimates for either repair in the estimator on RepairPal.
My car is leaking power steering fluid I have gotten the pump replace so its not the pump because its circulating it leaking between the the pump and where the container holds the fluid. I have taken it all apart and have looked to see if that O ring it damaged and it is still leaking any ideas?