Q: power steering column on 1995 Nissan Quest

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I have a van that will not go in park. I tried to adust the linkage at the transmission and I still cant get it to go in park. There is alot of play in the shifter from park to drive the shifter feels like its really easy to move before it goes into drive. I believe the the problem is in the steering column. What should I do to fix it myself and how take the column off if so.
(2) Answers
Yes you may be right your problem may be in the steering column.
If so it may be simple to fix. Simply look up the steering column from where
the brake pedal is (you'll need a flashlight). There is a torx head bolt on the
shift column that is prone to coming loose and eventually will fall out. Have
someone jiggle the shift lever while you on your back look up the steering
column. You'll see the loose bolt on the linkage, that is if it hasn't already
fallen out. You won't be able to shift at all if it has completely fallen out.
Simply tighten the bolt, problem solved.