Power Steering and Brake Fluid replaced at 22.500 miles? on 2007 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

My Car is leased, though I plan to buy it at the end of the lease, so I want to make sure to take great care of this car. I just got a 22,000 Mile Oil change and was told I needed the following:
New Battery- $175
Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service- $155
Brake Fluid Flush- $165
I am amazed that I need a new Battery after 23 months of ownership. I am very wary of any kind of Flushing Services, as P/S is not even listed in the owners manual for maintenance and Brake Fluid is listed as a "Check" at 30k miles.
What's the best way to go about getting a second opinion/ finding out if my P/S fluid really is in bad shape.
Is this common for 2 year old Subaru's with fairly low mileage? Seems very odd to me.

Something smells fishy, is it low tide out there at Venice beach?
I would find a good Independent shop and stay away from this shop. These flush services are IMHO a way to make big profits for a shop, which is why they push them on a vehicle with very low miles and probably showing no signs of problems. Ask the service advisor or the technician how much the additive companies are paying them for each service they sell.
Check our shop directory, read the reviews of other shops, check Yelp and see where people are taking their vehicles for service in your area: