Q: power seats stuck on 1998 BMW 328i

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i reclined my passenger seat yesterday and when I tried to return it to upright position I just heard the motor whirr.. what can i do?
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Ha, I am actually fixing that same problem right now but with the driver side. I had the same thing and it is actually a very common problem. The seat gear is broken or stripped (its a little plastic gear, costs $40). I had the same problem and brought it into the dealer (I have a 97) they wanted 560 for a whole new motor. Dont bother, you can get the part at pelican parts. Here is the link for the instructions to fix it. If you read through the threads, you will see alot of people with the same question. Make sure when you buy the gear its for the passenger side.
I am so glad for your advice my driver's seat has had the same problem for awhile. Thanks for the great advice. I am going to get the needed part and watch the instructions on the link you provided! Your awesome! I so love this repair pal website!