Q: Power Seat Control Module - Is this an owner replacable item? on 2007 Chrysler Pacifica

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2007 Chysler Pacifica, 101,000 miles. During service at a NE Tennessee Chrysler DEALERSHIP for a transmission replacement, the power seat control module apparently died (Funny - it was working, as the service manager admitted BEFORE they started changing the transmission but died BEFORE we picked up the car - I don't think that is a coincidence but I'm just the little guy). So, now that I am stuck with no power seats or paying him to fix his mistake (I didn't mention earlier the dealer admitted to electrical problems when replacing the transmission control module - don't forget the seats were working when the vehicle was delivered for the the transmission service...). Anyway, is the seat control module a user replacable item? Does it need to be "flashed" to the car's computer? If user replacable, where is the module available from? I've tried Advance Auto, Autozone, Oreilly's etc. (online) but can't find one. Google and Ebay are not very helpful either. Any thoughts (besides avoiding NE Tenn/Tri-Cities Chrysler dealers...)
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I have replaced several seat modules on these cars and they die at the weirdest times. The transmission control module is not even close to the seat. The seat module is underneath the driver's seat. You will have to get the drivers seat out. You can buy a seat module from the dealership, but be careful, even new ones from the factory go out quickly, so get a 30 day guarantee from the parts dept. I've to put in 2-3 before I got one that would last. This is not a well made system, at least in my experience.
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