Q: Power roof will not go down on 1998 Porsche Boxster

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My car has been sitting during this winter. Went to clean up and tried to lower convertable top...nothing....seems it could be a micro-switch located near emergency brake. took off panel and cannot readily see the micro-switch?? any ideas?
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It is quite possible. There is also another switch in the roof panel. You can try to connect the wires together a the micro switch by the parking brake and see what happens. Also make sure your windows are working. If not we would have to look at it. issue is I have the panel off near the emergency brake and cannot readily see the micro-switch?? Windows work fine!
make sure all windows are down. The rear engine lid closed and keys in ignition. make sure the hand or parking brake is fully on and car out of gear. All doors c,losed. It maybe as well you check all your fuses in a flip of lid near your left foot.