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Q: Power Outage on Pwr 4 windows/Compass/Map Light/Radio on 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

This is a great site. I read through the postings and did not see a posting describing sudden power outage on the windows, compass, map light and radio.

I am writing regarding my brother's 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue. All of the power windows quit on it Sunday afternoon in route to Nags Head, NC. In addition the "map light" between the two Sunvisors, the electronic compass in the rearview mirror and the radio all went out too. We looked at the fuses both in the engine compartment and in the car interior. Appearance-wise, they look fine. There are three 30 amp canister-like fuses in the interior fuse panel that I inter-changed hoping that would get the windows to work but no response (one is for the windows, one is for the power sunroof and one is for I think the rear defroster). Any suggestions what might have caused all the windows, radio compass, and map light to suddenly stop working. They worked prior to outage.

The car was parked under the house with garbage bags protecting the windows. Because it was to rain more, my brother took the car to a NAPA Auto Part Store. A salesperson from NAPA removed one of the fuses (I think that is what he said) and temporarily hotwired the circuit for the window so all 4 windows could get rolled up. So the windows are up, however it did not solve the problem.

My brother purchased some-sort of relay in hopes to try to solve the problem, but that did not work.

I read something about a "Body Control Module" (BCM) in my research that was not specific to the Oldsmobile, but it is a fuse that can reset. Does anyone have any thoughts on a BCM and does an Intrigue have a BCM?

Does anyone have an idea how to remedy the “map light, the radio, the compass, and the power windows”?

Thank you in advance for your help. I'd like my brother to relax on his vacation rather than worry about his car. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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Check the following Oldsmobile Service Bulletin, this maybe? your problem.If not I suggest you get the car to a good experienced electrical tech. Let us know what you find out.

FYI. The BCM controls body related outputs based on inputs from various other modules and sensors and stores trouble/fault codes (DTC's)

Good Luck,

#01-08-42-007: Cruise Control, Entertainment System, Interior Lights, Power Windows, Power Sunroof Inoperative, DTCs B1477, B1482, B2617 Set (Inspect Wiring Above Headliner) - (Nov 14, 2001)

Subject: Cruise Control, Entertainment System, Interior Lights, Power Windows, Power Sunroof Inoperative, DTCs B1477, B1482, B2617 Set (Inspect Wiring Above Headliner)

Models: 2000-2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Some customers may comment that the following features are inoperative:

• Cruise control

• Entertainment system

• Garage door opener

• Interior lights

• OnStar® system

• Power sunroof

• Power windows

• Retained Accessory Power (RAP)

• Redundant steering wheel controls

Some may comment that these conditions occur intermittently. Diagnosis of these conditions may also find that Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) B1477 (RAP relay short to ground/open), B1482 (Inadvertent power bus short to ground), and B2617 (Theater dim short to ground/open) may be set and the Inadvertent Power Bus/Rap fuse may be open (blown).

The condition may be caused as a result of the wiring harness, which is located above the headliner, being chafed or pinched where the sunshade pivot arm goes through the headliner material and into the roof sheet metal or at the roof side rail lamp.

Notice: When removing the sunshades, be careful not to damage the bezel on the shaft, as it is not serviced separately.

Important: When diagnosing any of the above conditions, do NOT replace the Body Control Module (BCM) until after thoroughly inspecting for a chafed or pinched wiring harness at the locations described. If there are no indications of any chafed or pinched wires, then proceed to the appropriate Service Manual diagnostics and only replace the BCM if instructed.

Remove the sunshades and roof side rail lamps, one at a time, and inspect the headliner wiring harness for a short to ground or an open. Repair the wiring as required. When reinstalling the sunshades, route the sunshade vanity mirror wiring harness back into the notch (cutout) in the roof sheet metal to prevent the harness from being pinched during reinstallation. Replace the 15 amp Inadvertent Power Bus/Rap Fuse, located in the fuse block on the right side of the instrument panel, if necessary. Clear all diagnostic trouble codes that may have been set.

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