Q: Power loss after Changed the cap and rotor kit on 1994 Suzuki Sidekick

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early ths week I had changed my cap and rotor kit, but I put the wires in the wrong sequence. I was told by Suzuki that the firing sequence is 1342 but Im not sure where the first plug should be placed. Currently I have attempted to put the plugs in an find that the engine is running very hard and a sugniffacant amount of power is lost as well. I have a leak in the from the pipe from the engine just before the pipe cnnects to the catilic converter. Can the power loss be from the leak in the exhause or is it the wrong firing sequence for the spark plugs? Please help...
(1) Answer
pull the plugs and turn the engine with a ratchet 17mm socket to "top dead center" on the compression stroke (with your finger covering the hole for #1 plug you will feel air pushing out with force) once your at TDC indicated by the notch on the crank pully in the center of the scale on the timming belt cover the roter will be pointing at the #1 position in the cap