Q: Power doors broken and wont open manually on 2004 Honda Odyssey

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The power in one of the passenger doors is not working. I am okay with operating the door manually, but i feel that even though the power option is turned off there is still resistance. Is there any way to operate the doors normally without power?
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I just did this to my 2001 Odyssey not more than 15 minutes ago. I found this on another site. Locate the fuse for the passenger sliding door. Mine was fuse #5 in the box located by your right foot sitting in the passenger seat. Take it out for 30 seconds and replace it. Sounds hokey but it worked for me and a bunch of other on the posting. I tried seeing if the fuse was blown yesterday but must have not had it out for the 30seconds
When you operate power door locks manually, you have to overcome the lock solenoid, which is the resistance that you are talking about. You would have to take off all the door panels and disconnect all the linkages from the door lock solenoids, if this is even possible. Why not just fix the bad door lock? Best of Luck!