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Q: Power Control Module, Blower and Battery on 2004 Volvo XC90

In the third week of June I took my car in for routine dealer maintenance. They changed the rear sway bar links and also fixed my air conditioning. After about 4-5 days, my car would not start. I got a jump start and it ran ok that day. Then the very next day and the day after that, it was the same issue. I then took it to the dealer. They said they performed a series of tests and found no electrical issues, but the battery was bad. I then got a new battery ~ July 6th 2010. The car then ran fine - I drive lightly - maybe an average of 30 - 40 miles in a week. Then, 3 weeks ago, it again did not start. I got it jump started and it ran well until Sep 28th when again it did not start. I took it to the dealer and they now say that the problem is with a Power Control Unit which is keeping the blower always on - it never shuts down even after the ignition is turned off. I was told earlier by them (before this diagnosis) that it was common for the blower to be on even after I shut down the car. They have quoted the labor and parts for around $900

I am wondering if there is anything else which might be going on here? I find it suspicious that the problems started after the maintenance performed in June - would the rear sway bar links' change have affected the battery? Could it be something else going on? I am also intrigued that when the battery if drained, while manually using the key, I can enter the car normally sometimes while at other times the car alarm would sound. Could it be a problem with the alarm or the key less entry?
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You can have a Battery that is too drained to start the car, but many of the electrical systems will still work. A car takes about the entire capacity of a 4 bedroom house electrical system to start, it is startling amount of current.

I do not see how the rear sway bar work would hurt a power module unless it is located in the rear. I know that it is not a good idea to jump start these cars, because they have very sophisticated computer systems, so try not to do this, if possible.

Why don't you call Volvo customer service and tell them about this incident. I used to work in a large Volvo Dealership and they DO NOT want to get called by the main office. It sounds like the Dealership missed the defective power module and just replaced the Battery, they did not do a Pro level inspection. There are many levels of techs at Dealerships and it's a 'crapshoot' as to which one you will get.
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