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Q: Possible Transmission Problem? on 1995 Chrysler New Yorker

The engine starts shutting off, then right away, turns back on with such a jerk, that I am afraid it is going to do damage to my engine or snap the timing chain. Seems to happen when the car is warm and doing 50 and above. The mechanic said there are no codes stored in the computer, eliminating electrical problems, changed the fuel filter, no help there, he said it was transmission problems. Transmission guy (just had the tranny rebuilt 6 months ago, it failed and was repaired under wqarranty a month ago)said it was not the tranny, possibly could be the ignition switch, if it is, why does it wait until the engine warms up and is doing around 50? No obvious problem with ignition switch, it cranks the car every time without fail. It appears that no one really knows what it is, engine idles fine, no misfiring, runs smooth until it hits rodeo gear (named after the bucking feeling of the engine turning off and on at high speeds).
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This sounds like your Torque Converter Clutch is chattering. I say this because it only comes on at 50 mph and only works after the car is completely warmed up. Try driving your car with the over drive switch turned off, and see if there is any change.
The other thing I have seen with Mopar vehicles that have this set of symptoms is the Throttle Position Sensor wears out and at cruise speed i.e 50 mph, the Throttle Position Sensor acts up, and causes a really harsh engine snapping on and off sensation, however the nasty thing is that will not set a code. It feels like the bottom falls out and then all of a sudden the engine comes back, but with a vengeance. The TPS is also involved in the shifting of the transmission as well.
The TPS problem seems to describe the action of the vehicle. It has left no code in the computer, and the on/off action of the engine is very harsh, down right scary. It makes me worry about engine damage. I would like to think the transmission guys would have found a tourque converter problem, they really are quite good and cooperative. Thanks for your input, you may have just solved this one!
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