Q: possible tranmission fluid cooler line leak where is line location to verify on 2003 Cadillac DeVille

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only leaks when first started and backing out driveway
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They're on the drivers side engine compartment and run from the transaxle to the radiator and transmission cooler in front of the radiator. Easier to see from underneath, usually the rubber hose built into the line.
Replaced lower transmission line yesterday. New line from dealer $35. Bought 18mm crows foot to remove line from radiator. Removed plastic aircleaner assembly to access line. Removed fitting (3/4" wrench) from transmission to access clip to remove quick disconnect line. The special plastic removal tool didn't work for me. Don't lose the clip. Re-installed clip in fitting and reinstalled fitting in tranny. Just push in new hose assembly and use 18mm crows foot to install threaded fitting into radiator. Done.
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