Q: Possible stuck/bad lifter on 2001 Chevrolet Impala

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My engine started ticking a couple weeks ago, and I believe that it is a stuck lifter, but anot sure. I have been told it could be a few other things too, and I am worried because of the constant tick,tick,tick,tick from the engine. It seems to have lost about 20-25% power, and I know the engine probably wont last too long without a major repair. What are other things that could be causing this noise and loss of power? Also, what is the average cost for the repair?
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how many miles are on the engine? it could be a coolant leak in to the intake valley that is causing the oil to be diluted. How does you oil and coolant look?
123,XXX Miles on the car. I Change the oil regularly and it always looks fine. Radiator is new with fresh coolant and has never had any problems with temp. Just about everything about the car is new or in great shape, I just cant figure this one out without tearing my engine apart.
A big problem with power loss on those models is GM had a problem with faulty converters. The back up of exhaust is ofcourse causing major power loss and will cause your engine to tick as well. It happened to my 01 Impala.
GM has a special campain and will replace it for 10 years 100,000 miles.
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