Q: Possible Bad Radiator? on 1995 Ford Ranger

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My husband's 1995 Ranger had been running hot for the past couple of weeks so he replaced the thermostat, no luck; still kept running hot. About two weeks later it went dead on him & coolant everything was coming out of the radiator. It has since been sitting in our back yard which was about 2 months ago give or take, about a week ago he went to crank it up & he said it started smoking & almost acting like it was going to catch fire. Could this be a bad radiator?
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This sounds like it was badly overheated and it's possible the headgasket is blown. This really requires someone to look at it and perform a few tests to see what is actually going on, so if you want a real diagnosis, take it to a shop or look for a mobile mechanic in your area to come by and check it out.