Q: Position marker bulb replacement on 2007 Volvo XC90

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The amber position marker (turn signal bulb) on the passenger side outside mirror has come out of the socket. How do I get get access to this bulb. I see a small fastener on the underside. Is that a T-25 screw?
Any info on how to get to this bulb socket/replace the bulb would be appreciated. I hate to take it to a dealer just to replace a light bulb.

Also, are there any aftermarket repair books available for an 07 XC90? Clymer, Chilton??
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We used to replace bulbs all the time for no charge at the dealership I worked for, but it varies from place to place. I haven't seen this exact mirror housing so I don't know how to access the bulb, but you wont hurt anything by removing that bolt and trying it, if the torx T-25 is on the bulb lens, then that will be the way to get to the bulb.
For a good repair manual, there are a couple I would suggest for your Volvo,
AllData: and Mitchell:
I use the Alldatadiy for my Volvo and the info is straight from Volvo, so it is very good.
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