2004 Porsche Cayenne S Questions

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no Problem just want to change the Oil
does anyone have this issue
the actual audio noise goes out but the Navi/audio display is on and functional its like someone unplugged the speakers
its 2004 cayenne s
nothing aftermarket
can anyone help
Vehicle acting like it has interrupted electrical current, but it starts and rides normal.
1) Turning signal display delayed or frozen on instrument cluster, but if you look outside it working with normal intervals.
2) Windows stops 3 or 4 times on its own before completing opening or closing cycle
3) Electrical seats will stop several times on its own before completing forward or backward motion.
4) Windshield wipers have delayed start and will freeze and move again.
5) Back up Light flashing and sometimes completely quits working.
6) Cornering Lights (directional signals) always on and flashing.
7) Vehicle A/C fan will quit and starts again; electronic temperature display shuts off then start again in unison with A/C fan.
All flashing and acting don't have any specific intervals. It looks like vehicle is in electrical starvation mode.
I have replaced: battery under driver seat, (battery in trunk been tested normal), wiper switch, turning signal module and switch, head light assembly, All parts brand new from Porsche.
There no codes I can give from vehicle computer, because I have to disconnect battery ground terminal for overnight parking, if I don’t battery under driver seat will be drained.
the wrong gas was put in the car and drove then it lost power and started driving rough and smells like old gas now.
While the car was super low on gas then drove not it's running rough and missfiring and the check engine light is on I have checked coils and plugs put the right gas in and can't get it to run right how can I fix this myself
Windshield wiper fluid alarm keeps going off
Alarm works but horn doesnt no click no nothing
the car displayed engine battery so i replaced the old with new one. But then it won't even kick or start. This has happened before but when i changed the battery it started immediately. At a time too it was giving had start. Please advice
no problems just want to know when the timing belt should be replaced i have 86k on suv
I have a2004 Cayenne S. The rear folding seat does not fold down, The center seat belt is stuck where it wont come out. Is this why the seat wont fold down?
using diagnostic tools to diagnose, no fault code present.
vehicle can only select to low range, two option>gear reduction on or off, but cant select to ON ROAD drive. after select to ON ROAD drive, instrument cluster comes out ''4wd system fault''
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