2003 Porsche Boxster Questions

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what is the material and labor cost to replace the convertible top on a 2003 Porsche boxster?
my engine light came on and the repair show stated that my catalyic converter is bad ? the light came on about a week ago
I have only driven the car, at very slow speed, for about 4,000 miles in the last 2 years. I had it serviced at a Porsche dealer before moving. I moved overseas and brought the car with me and now am wondering if I need to change the oil or can wait for a few more miles. It has about 41,967 miles now and had about 38,000 when I got it. The oil is still very clear.
About to do oil change on 2003 Boxter 2.7. Do I nee anything over and above 9 quarts of oil and a filter?
I'm interested in purchasing a used 03 Porsche Boxster. I'm concerned about maintenance costs. any recommendations?
where do i find instructions online to take apart the door on a 2003 boxter to replace the window regulater?
My top does not always operate either up or down unless I move something inside the locking mechanism where the lock clips into the top of the windshield. How do I repair this?
Battery light came on, replaced battery, with new battery (old one was shot), and battery light still on? Did diagnostic check, nothing came back......checked fuses, all are operating, any ideas on why the "idiot light is still on?" Manuals said belt might not be working but also stated Power steering would be gone, all appears to be working when I fire it up.
my window will not operate with the door lach. all switches work and i have it apart and apears that when the window is completely up that there is slack in the cable.
Is there a way of opening the front luggage compartment manually - electrical solenoid is
faulty. Can hear it working but won't release the catch.
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