2002 Porsche Boxster Questions

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Without crazy modifications, is there a solution to be able to play music from iPhone via bluetooth or other method
could it be the fuse at the back of the radio other fuses are okay
my car just stopped and when i jump started it managed to drive wirh a red light of battery generator. but when i remove the battery terminal is just switch off.
side mirrors not working - replaced switch-still not working
drivers side headlight out. cannot find out how to take off the cover. to replace headlight.
My '02 Boxster battery was on a "trickle charger" all winter. After putting the car back on the road and after driving 85 miles, the car went dead and the display read "Battery/Generator Problem". I need advice on how to proceed and cost est. if repairs are needed. Thanks....
My 02' boxster's front hood, is stuck. Its been like this for a do i fix it?
My 02 Boxster overheated. I lost fluid. I shut the engin down waited for it to cool down and refilled with Anit-freeze. It has not over heated since. The tank was full when this occured. The fan was running. Does this sound like a stuck or bad Thermo. or bad cap.
have tried rep[lacing both bulbs drivers side low beam still not working. checked fuse and nothing... any answers?
Help! Is there a manual way to get the top up?
Today my power windows quit working. The fuse is fine and we can't find the source of the problem. Everything else is working fine. Fox
When top is put down and then back up, there are two dents in the plastic window. One of each side about 2 inches from the edge of the window on both sides.
This is new, didn't happen before.
Any idea what the problem is?
While driving, the car lost all “pulling” power. I stepped on the accelerator and it did not even rev up the engine. About 5 seconds later the engine shut off by itself, as if it was by some type of safety switch or relay. Can someone help me determine what it could be?
Spun in snow and hit the rear bumper, now the car will not start. Starter is working. Is there an emergency fuel switch??
The starter will not crank, all of the dash lights come on. The windows won’t work, the trunk release will not work and the interior lights will not work. I have a new battery about 6 months old, this just happened. I have checked all of the fuses all are good. I am completely lost
Thank you
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