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RepairPal Verified 1990 Porsche 944 Problem Reports

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Corrosion/moisture at the throttle position sensor can cause performance issues relating to low boost.

Automatic transmissions can leak internally and cause the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to mix with the differential oil. An overfilled differential and/or a low fluid level in the ATF reservoir is symptomatic of this. If not repaired immediately, the transmission will fail; the pinion seals will also need replacement.
The hydraulic fluid for the clutch system may be overlooked; the fluid should be replaced regularly during brake fluid service. If aging or contaminated fluid is not replaced, there may be problems in the lines and actuating components, as well as clutch issues that are difficult to diagnose.
The release arm for the throw out bearing can bind and cause problems with the clutch. Flywheel wear can cause driving and shifting problems and may cause the hubs to fail.
The front hood and rear deck lid support struts may fail; replacement is required.