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hi pitch air noise similar to a "whistle" during driving into frontal winds of 25-40mph or any time driving 75+ mph at 5000 ft elevation. Noise appears to emanate thru the luggage area.
general repairs
Is there a drainage system for that in the frame?
I have a 2001 Carrera that I have been driving for about 4 years. A month ago it wouldn't start. I took it to the Porsche dealership and they diagnosed it as a fuel pump. It was replaced, and the next day it wouldn't start. They told me it was the fuel pump (again) and then changed the fuel pump relay switch. 2 days later and again, it won't start. Unbelievably, they again said it was a fuel pump. I got it back, and yes, 4 days later, the same problem. The dealership still contends that it is a fuel pump! At this point, I have a car that doesn't run and I almost have to let them fix it or give me my money back from the original repair. Does anybody know what else would cause this problem, because I am pretty sure that Porsched fuel pumps aren't that unreliable? Thanks.
I have dreamt of owning a 911 since I knew what it was. I am ready to make the dream a reality. I have read some negative things and expensive up-keep about the model I want. I was curious if the car is worth buying given my passion for a 911. If anyone has any words of advice or cautionary tales for a first-time owner please be honest. Thank you,
Michael Miller
cost to replace a water pump on 2001 911 ???
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