1990 Porsche 911 Questions

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a/c would blow hot on one side. has been not cooling but I have plenty of freon.
Car will not start and oil lines need replaced
I've been looking through the owners manual but it doesn't say anything!
Since the power steering pump is driven off the camshaft do you have to pull the engine to replace it?
Every time my car gets hotter than about 200F and I turn it off it won't start. I believe it is an electrical problem as it is just dead. Sometimes it will start and run for a few seconds and will then just cut out immediately. No splutter or rough running just dead stop. I wait for it to cool and it starts immediately! It has an immobilizer and it seems it could be this causing the problem but it spins over well.
Also the charge light comes on and stays on even when the motor runs when this is happening.
I am wondering if there could be any overheating auto cutout or anything else of that nature?
Any help would be greatly appreciated
I took my 1990 C4 Cabriolet to a local repair shop for an oil change. They replaced the filter and pulled the drain plug and per the owners manual added 6.5 qts, let the engine idle and tried to add the additional 3.5. They couldn't get more than 8.5 qts total into it. At idle it was overflowing from the reservoir and would go down when opening the throttle. When I tried to drive away it start bellowing smoke out of the tail pipe. They used synthetic 10W30 oil. I left it there for now and am thinking I need to have it hauled to a mechanic. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I was informed to avoid looking at 1990-91 Porsche 911's. Is there a reason?
after repair at shop, air conditioning not engaging and ABS light and ABS not working,
Also do you have the correct spacer detail for the orginalpulley?
the car is turning off,stalls, wile the a/c is on, when breaking to stop
Every time I start my 76 911 (with the idle at 1000 rpms), I start to hear a stretching sound that seems to be coming from the fan/alternator area. As the stretching sounds, the rpms go from 1000 to 3000/4000. The fan belt is new/ and tight. I just bought the car recently and the previous owner told me this has never happened to him and that the car was recently tuned up at a Porsche dealer before my purchase. Here is a youtube video (not my car) but another car making the same sound.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -

can you remove cam cover and inspect camshaft without pulling engine out
My cruise control stopped working two years ago. I bought a used (working) Cruise Control Control Unit (Under Passengers Seat). This did not fix the problem. I then replaced a MicroSwitch (located near the gas pedal and clutch pedal) with a new switch. This did not solve the problem. I then checked the fuse for the cruise control...but it was fine.

Do you have any ideas?

David Schmidt
My car isn't listed, so I chose one at random to ask the question.
I have a 1977 Fiat 124 Spyder
The clutch has begun to slip and there is an engine oil or gearbox leak that is seen dripping from behind the flywheel cover. How do I determine from where the leak comes, and if it is the crankshaft rear oil seal or gasket, can I repair it by going up through the oil pan with the engine in the car, or do I have to tear the engine apart from top down?
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