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Pontiac Trans Sport (6 Reviews)
I just bought this van about a month ago and for a sixteen year old van it is in excellent condition. Previous owner took real good care of it. I am really impressed. The only problem I am having is when the car is running there is a sound like the purring of an electrical motor coming from behind the drivers seat. The mechanic thinks it may be the pump inside the gas tank, but Ive never heard of this before. Has anyone else experienced this? If anyone can share any light please email me at
my 1997 trans sport is hard to start and it cuts out. i had it tested and it said o2 was bad i replaced it and it is doing the same thing.hard to star and cuts out. can someone help me out there? if u can email me at
I bought this 1998 Trans sport van this January! It had some water damage before and had to have a motor put in it before I got it. I had it 4 months and it had to have another motor put in it! The car lot I got it from filled it with stop leak and it blowed a head. Then I had to put a radiator anh most recently I had to flush the heater core. That was a job! Way to much wireind and electronics! I like the older vehicles that you can actually work on! Never again will I buy another!
Many problems with Worn Suspension and related F.end
Cut interior upgrades
fiberglass body.(needs attention regarding good grounding)
Runs strong
exhaust leak
air doesn't work
terrible front end engineering
This is one of the BEST vehicles I have ever owned! just watch out for that intake manifold leak!
they are a very handy and roomy vehicle