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Pontiac Grand Prix (34 Reviews)
I love my Pontiac Grand Prix it is a great car to go back and forth to school in. I drive 30 minutes one way to school everyday and I only use half a tank of gas a week so for a six cylinder 3.8L that is great and I also go shopping and run for parts for my husband in it as well and am still only using half a tank a week. I just love this car and I am normally a Chevy person but I will keep this car until she dies.
My grand prix is a great driving car with 190,000 miles on it. Have replaced some parts but its better than having a car payment
I really need to know if I should try changing my resistor blower motor since my heat/AC stopped working when I turn it on high?
Bought brand new, currently 114k miles, no major engine or transmission problems yet!! I love my car. Always used quality gas & got oil changed regularly. 1st tune-up at 100k miles, my ignition still starts like a brand new car. 1st major repair in 2013 hvac. Needs new struts but still handles & accelerates like new. I'm blessed.
brake lights and turn signals on rear went out replaced fuse and still does not work
I've only had my 93 Grand Prix LE for about 2 months. Other than a service engine light coming on it hasn't given me any problems. No oil leaks, no oil usage, air cond. works and breaks are fabulous. Very good engine power for a 20 year old car. The odometer says 53000?
I do not recomend this vehicle I love my 02 grand prix, I guess exterior mostly. I bought it used and had many problems. no kick in gas bumby ride always
My car has 260,000 miles,bought it with 140,000 as it aged seemed to have alot of sensor problems and throwing codes, but all in all I would buy another, Love Pontiacs for durance.
I bought my GP-GT new in 2000. I now have 107,000+ miles on it. My only complaint has been with the A/C (had to disconnect and use an ideler pully to replace compressor) and the de-fogging function which has always been overpowered in winter w/ very humid/snowey weather. The HVAC Blower has bad some very noisy screeching noises as well. Have gotten 31 MPG highway and about 17-18 MPG in all-around daily use. It is starting to show rust under the car and door sill areas, but the body/silver paint has been fantastic even after spending 12+ years out of 13 parked outside here in our Michigan winters/summers.
very good car, obtained car in 2011 from friend who mother owned the car. I replaced the waterpump, alternator, back struts, battery, door locks module, that was a problem, did not know what was the problem, the locks would humm from one door to the other all around the car all four doors. went to the dealer and they said that they could not help. I went to a electrical shop and they found the problem was a module for the chimes and door locks, got a used one solved the problem. Now I have a problem with anti-freeze leaking from under the car, think its the timing cover.
After a horrible experience with a 1993 VW Jetta I purchased new, I decided to trade my 1993 Jetta with 26,500 miles on the odometer for a brand new 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT coupe. I still have my beautiful Grand Prix and I have no intentions of ever parting with it. I'd like to be buried in it when I die! I can't believe the incredible durability of the Grand Prix's paint and interior. My Grand Prix is mostly parked outdoors and after nearly 15 years the paint still looks great and the incredibly durable cloth interior is virtually fade proof and is tough as nails! The 3800 V6 is smooth, powerful and gets fantastic gas mileage coupled to an excellent 4 speed automatic transmission. The interior is very roomy as is the trunk. My Grand Prix has been a very solid and extremely reliable car, with excellent handling, firm magnasteer steering and strong ABS brakes. Not to mention it's a very inexpensive car to own and operate. My only gripe is with the slow power window motors and the poor optics of the headlamps. But aside from those issues, GM did a phenomenal job with the redesign of the 1997 Grand Prix. I deem it as a perfect all around car!
I bought this car as my 2nd Grand Prix, the first wasnt so great, had some issues with it, mainly heating problems, way too expensive to fix, but my 06 model is very much worth every penny, only issue ive had is with the headlights, this car handles great, rides good, & just an all around good car, I get many compliments on it, its nothing fancy, just a base model, but its still a very nice car.
i love my 93 grand prix had it since 2010 in sept, the only problem i've had was a valve cover gasket, catalylic converter and left muffler. has kept the oil changed and runs really well on the road. the blizzard came 2011 and it has moved since. i think it's the starter the lights and everything come on but it won't start today the weather is a lil better i can hear a clicking sound when i try to start it. i'm gonna get some one to jump me cause the battery might be low to start
Bought my 2000 Grand Prix GT at age 17 and totally love it. It is much more reliable than the 1978 cutlass cruizer i used to drive. Also this is by far way better than any foriegn car that i know of!
My first car at 17 and i loved it, no major problems at all it drove very nicely and smooth. Very Reliable and safe. i love my pontiac
factory installed tires went bald in less than 17k miles. had bad seals on the rear brake lights and needed replacing at least twice. in less than 2 years had transmission problems. the car has just over 45k miles on it now and it has started eating oil like a pig.. over 1 qt / 1000 miles. the plastic plate at the inside base of the windshield cracked from florida sun. slides backwards on any incline when stopped. seats made from cheap fabric that wears out from seat belt and in the seat area. bad window seals.. noisy ride...
Nice car, but the suspension and steering are really not good.
I love my car i have the 94 pontiac grand prix se and its a great canr it has over 200000 miles and rocks still
This my 2nd GXP. Love the car. I put 60K on the first and bought the second one used with 36K. Only 2 bearable drawbacks - brakes and tires. Front pads go at 24-26K; tires at 26-28K. I'm going to try ceramic pads @ next change. I haven't decided yet on a replacement for the Bridgestones. I've not had a problem with anything else which is why I bought the second one - GREAT CAR! Bummer they shut down Pontiac.
I have had the car for almost 2 years and some problems i have had included intake gasket needed replaced and the windows are bound to fail in my case multiple times. I don't see how there has not been a recall. Other than that it has been good even with 142000 miles.
low coolant level
I have a V8 GXP and I Love It! My only issues with it is not so good mpg and it blows through brakes. Otherwise it is a very fun, fast, and nice looking car. I love how it handles and how it looks and sounds and the 18" stock wheels. This is the second Grand Prix I have owned. My first was a 97 GTP which was also quite a fun car.

had major problems ever since i got this car. electric windows on drivers and passenger front sides didn't work very well; had engine problems as well. glad to be rid of it
Very tight and sensitive but not too sensitive steering. Handles very well. 65,000 miles and no major issues. Lived in Phoenix, AZ for 3 years. Desert heat and sun warped cowling on windshield, rub rail on driver's side door peeling off, dash rattled and vent inserts would occasionally pop out. Steering wheel column cover warped a little, and sun roof leaks now. Rattle disappeared and vent inserts don't pop out anymore after moving back to MN. Sun roof still leaks, but I suspect this to be an adjustment issue. Towed a 1,600lb U-Haul trailer from Phoenix to Flagstaff, up a steep mountain with minimal issues. Transmission got hot, but that was to be expected. No other issues. I love how when I burn out a turn signal, it notifies me on the in-dash screen of which turn signal went out. "Front Right Turn Signal Out" made it more convenient to trouble shoot then walking around my car. Rated at 20mpg city/30mpg highway, I can get 35mpg on the highway by setting cruise control at around 57mph (1,200rpms). Set at lower RPM's, car gets amazing fuel economy, displayed on the in-dash screen. Engine runs great, although maintenance can get tricky. Oil filter is in semi-strange location, passenger side of engine block, and above wheel . Air filter compartment is a challenge to open and replace air filter. Other wise easy to maintain. Overall, a great quality car and worth the purchase.
rides like a truck
bought this car (sports edition) as my 1st car for $800... after replacing a couple items and a good cleaning, some, and lots of tlc...the previous owner is jealous!!!
I bought this car as my first car for $1000 and let me tell you it was the best investment i have ever made. I bought it with roughly 200,000 miles on it and over 3 years i have only put about 1000 worth of work into it, mostly because of lack of care from the previous owner. I still have this car today at 252k miles and its still running strong!
Great looks, great ride, good handling, lots of compliments
Great car, but has required A LOT of expensive maintenance. Was driven mostly in Ohio and has rust which may have caused some of the maintenance.
Excellent and very reliable. Smooth high speed driving and handling. 196000 original and in great condition, minor issue on seat adjustment knobs just above center console area on seats