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Pontiac Grand Am (67 Reviews)
My car has 206,638 miles runs pretty darn good. The car is soft and seems to have a lot of body roll and doesn't handle that well. The car has never been wrecked. It started leaking really bad and the drivers side floor board would turn into water puddle. Couldn't figure out where the water was coming from (checked windshield, sunroof and the cowl) and it turned out to be where the outer skin of the roof and the inner skin was separating letting the water come and run down inside the car right by the hood release lever. Like someone else said this car has lots of blind spots. The view out the rear of the car is terrible it's like backing up a dump truck
I bought this car fully loaded and gently used with 29,000. Now, 9 years and 140,000 miles later, it has been inexpensive to own and has required mostly routine maintenance. At 165,000 there are some very minor issues that I don't find necessary to repair just yet. 1) The 'Service Engine Soon' light will come on, especially in cold weather, when the thermostat/temperature gauge does not reach 200F in the expected time frame. 2) The back light on the shift has gone out, so in the dark you cannot physically see that you are in Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Overdrive. In terms of tires, WINTER TIRES WERE A MUST in the snow covered Midwest states. The car is phenomenal IF it has a good set of winter tires (I have LOVED Blizzak WS80), however when I tried (multiple sets of) "all-season" tires, I slid off the road every winter and could not navigate through more than a few inches of snow. I would not hesitate to buy this car again if Pontiac were still producing vehicles.

EASY TIP: If you hear a clicking sound coming from the dashboard area, especially in rainy weather, a part under the steering wheel needs to be cleaned. It's a free, easy fix that you can do yourself if you search for the video in YouTube. Worth every minute to get rid of a VERY annoying clicking sound.
my window regulater is wethless. every pontiac grand am i have seen has had mager scratches in the front two seats. i was complaining about it when i came across another poniac, completely the same as mine for sale. with the SAME scratches all over the windor. how was there not a recall for the damn regulaters? so far it has only stalled on me 5 times in the past few months. it's almost like poniac did what they could to make the vehicle look better but ran out of money and said fuck it lets make the rest of it out of cardboard.
Piece of shit. Almost killed my son, girlfriend, and me like 16 times. Shuts off while im driving and both the brakes and steering wheel lock. constantly wouldnt start even after paying for repairs. Muffler became loose twice and blew 3 brand new tires. i hate this car honestly. never buying a pontiac ever again.
I bought this car new and have driven it like I stole it ever since. almost 400 000 kms on the engine and it still works great and never uses a drop of oil. 5spd man. trans/clutch and most major parts are original- with the exception of the starter and battery. shifts the same as new- the brakes have sucked since day one- underpowered for the car and constantly needing repairs- sticking, seizing you name it-its had a devine clunking noise from the rear suspension since it was three months old that can be fixed but only lasts as long as it takes to do the repair- the body has held up well, have had no issues with the electrical with the exception of the heater blower but the air conditioning has been a constant pain and I have given up repairing it as it just keeps crapping out.and wheel bearings/hub assemblies are only good for about 20 k a constant issue- still looks good inside and out/ still drive it for my winter beater- not a bad car considering it had a huge number of recalls in the first six months of its life!
I have a 2002 Grand am GT, my throttle sensor keeps going bad. I have had to replace it 4 times in the past year, I took it to the dealer and the only code is coming up is for the throttle sensor, when I put the new one on my car drives fine for about 3 months. What could make this sensor keep going bad? I cleaned my throttle body this past weekend, I'm puzzled on why it keeps going bad. Can anyone answer this question for me? I'm so aggravated with this car.
I have drove my 2001 Grand AM for the last eleven years. One MAP sensor was replaced, the usual expected maintenance items were done, replaced one A/C compressor this year, a harmonic balancer three years, ago, replaced the upper intake manifold one year ,ago, and now it has to have the head gaskets replaced. Eighty-five thousands miles on the car. Judge for yourself. I ran this car for the last four years with the head leaking until only recently needing the work to be done. If you calculate the yearly depreciation of a car over ten years and compare that yearly cost to the cost of geting your car repaired (within limits)then a person is better off paying for the automotive repairs as they happen than paying out for a new car. Granted you get a newer ride but the cost for that new ride is very expensive now-a-days. Food for thought. Of course, at some point the costs of the repairs will overcome the pay out on a new car...whatever that point is.
I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand AM and it always kills when i`m backing out, go to slow down, or make a complete stop. What can be causing my car to do this ? I`ve taking it to numerous mechanics and no one can seem to find the problem with it.
I have had my Grand am since 2005 its been a great car. in last 2 months I finally changed the brakes and water pump went this last week... Other than route oil changes and car washed and tires. I have never had a problem w my car.... I think today I have 140,000 miles It has been to Ohio and back FLL and back. gotta love your cars....
Had overheating problem that brought me cross country, but it's under control and only replaced a few usual items once since I bought it in 1999. It's been great for years and up to 220,000 miles. Best car I've ever driven and have been happy driving it. Only a few little glitches, but overall a great car to drive. I've driven across the US 6 times, 4 Canadian provinces and will soon drive through the last 3 of the lower 48 states I haven't yet driven through. Great car.
I have had my '03 Grand Am SE1 since 2005. It has been a good car, but I have had to replace the fuel pump. Would loose power on excelleration and finally died. Replaced the pump and its been fine. However I have a leak in my windshield from a bad replacement job and now my dash is folding up, cracked, and shrinking. If anyone knows where I can get a replacement, please email me.
I bought my 1998 Pontiac Grand Am Gt for $1,800. I bought it with 175,xxx miles on it. When looking at the car for the first time, I loved it. It had a really nice body, although the front bumper was an off-white to the car's pearl white. The interior was nice; no tears, no nothing. However, the dash board around the steering wheel and the CD player was coming apart. I did not mind the little cosmetic issues. I bought the car. On the way home, it was fine. I noticed it would need new shocks and tires. The air worked, it all worked. Except the seat belt sensor would NOT go off. I was not worried about that. I was about 15 miles from my house (getting it home), the AC went out and it overheated!! I had not had the car a day and it broke down on me. I had it towed the rest of the way home thanks to my preacher. My step dad, who is a mechanic, worked about $1,000 of labor into the car for free. I had to purchase an all new head gasket kit (the heads did not crack--thank God). He got it running. I was so excited. I had had it for about five months and I finally got to drive it again. First thing: went and got new tires for it. I drove it only once or twice a week. It was fine, except when I would come to a stop (either at a stop light or a stop sign) the car would start to jump and act like it wanted to die. A couple of times it did die on me. I was guessing the fuel gauge was wrong. I guessed this because when it would be at a half tank, it would start doing that. When I would fill it up until it could not hold any more, it would be perfectly fine. We had it hooked up to a computer to see if anything was making it do that and the computer said everything was fine. Well, I just kept gas in it. It was fine. Then I made a two hour trip, there an back. It did wonderfully. I was proud. I then drove it the next day and found out that the radiator had cracks in it. Fluid was gushing everywhere, and the car overheated, yet again. I purchased a new radiator for it. My step dad got it in for me, but the car still would not run. So, he tore it all down again and found out that I would need a new head gasket kit. The heads were not cracked. And that is where I am with it right now. The tires have 95% tread left, and I cannot drive it. As soon as it gets running again, I am selling it. I need something that I know will be reliable. I would NOT recommend the '98 Grand Am Gt to anyone. A Grand Am can be a good car. CAN be, if it is bought new. They are just known for overheating. And that is exactly what mine did to me, twice. I love it, but I just cannot keep affording it to overheat.
lost power on acceleration car stop wont turn over
me and my g/f just bought a 95 grand am se sedan for $600. it needed a serpintine belt which i replace on 10/22/11 even though it was a lil bit of a pain. it has 101,589mi on it and it's due for plugs and oil change. but for only $600 and only needing a few very minor things i think it was a good buy, if u have advice for me e-mail me @ that way i'll have a heads up for whats to come
I change my battery and starter on the same day and now my theft system show up on my dash and dont have the any odeal how to get it off so my car will start
I have had nothing but problems with this car ever since it was purchased. I had to replace the heads. Put on a new starter. Unhook the tork converter and now the gear shifter button fell out and the gear shifter is broken. The car leaks on the passenger side. I cannot believe so many things could happen to one car. It is a 1992 grand am. Now I'am stuck with this car and can not afford to get another car because I'am on disability and a fixed income.
it will sit in my driveway and run for hours but when i get it on the road it about 7 miles and then shuts off and i have to let it sit 20 or 30 minutes unless i use starting fluid
bought this car new now has 92000 miles. just blew head gasket ,check engine lights on for 2 years. sun roof will open then wont close till it wants to replaced all 4 window parts to open and close windows dealer charged 597.00 can buy at auto parts store for 189.00 only 4 bolts. dashboard curling up . my wife loves this car. but it time to go still looks showroom new
Piece of junk... no wonder pontiac is out of business, replaced head gasket cause pontiac didnt want to do a recall, windshield leaks, trunk leaks, all four window assemlies inside the door had to be replaced, all plastic parts shattered , brake lines blew out, ac doesnt work, and it only has 68,000 miles on it!!!. abs and trac lights stay on... could go on but would run out of room!!
My 2003 Pontiac Grand am has 115,000 miles on it and it started going dead. When someone at Oreillys put it on there machine the throttle positioning sensor code was in the computer. I carried it to the dealer and it turned out to be the starter going out
When I accelerate the car bogs down and it acts as if it looses power but it picks up after I let off the gas. The auto part store tested it with a machine and told me I needed an EGR valve. throttle position sensor, and heated oxygen sensor. I have replaced the EGR valve but it is still bogging down like its not gettin enough air to the motor. I need some advice on what it could be now.
I have a Pontiac Grand Am its a 97' and I'm having problems with it. When the car is coming to a stop the engine will bogg out and then when its at a total stop like at a stop light and I accelerate it dies on me. I will start back up and go but everytime it stops it dies when I accelerate. We already changed the fuel filter and the coils so im not too sure whats wrong.
I bought this car from a dealer. I believe it was not serviced before it was sold. I have replaced the pulley, the belt, the alternator, changed the oil, replaced the front brakes. I do have a problem that when I use the gas pedal it makes a shrieking sound. Sounded like the alternator when I first started the car up now that the alternator is in, the sound only happens when I put my foot on the gas pedal. I will be coasting alot I think, as I definitely do not want to announce my arrival every where I go. I like the trunk space although it does leak and the seats in the car are comfortable and attractive. I do not care for the blind spot on the drivers side. It is attractive and a good grocery car, I just wish there was more hand-on info for older Pontiac cars.
I have a '99 Grand Am SE. I LOVE IT!!! There is 197,000 miles and going string. Ive owned it for 2 years now and have had no major problems. I replaced the thermostat, brake caliper and thats about it. I do have a problem with my trunk getting water in it and also the rear fascia lights have standing water! My transmission slips sometimes. I find it very weird that there is no place to check your fluid unless you take it to a dealer/mechanic. My son will soon be 15 so I am giving him "Cherry Bomb". He doesnt like it because its a 2-door. The only reason for that is because he has gotten his foot caught in the seatbelt trying to get out of the back seat and fallen flat on his face. Anyways......Love my car!! Would get another in the blink of an eye!!!! PONTIAC BABY!!
Very good car. Very reliable! No rust, just has dents and dings and a few chips off of the paint... nothing unsuspected.. just trying to replace the water pump.
170,000 miles and counting. Other than normal wear and tear, it's been a reliable vehicle. Never gave me any problems.
i have had 2 pontiac grand am's and they are the best cars in my book
No maintenance has been required in 7 years except for normal wear and tear. Tires, wiper blades etc. Replaced front disk brake pads at 60,000 miles but they could have easily lasted another 20,000. The only major complaint about the car is rear view visibility.
It sucks and there are more than one blind spot. Really have to check the rear view and side mirrors before passing etc. All in all this has been a great car.
i bought my 2000 grand am in june of 2000. my wife drove the car for 8 years. i have been driving the car for the last 2 years. it has over 225000 miles on it now! i still enjoy driving it. i have had a few problems out of it like the flasher clicking, the intake leak, i replaced the starter once, one water pump, and the window regulator. i have been pleased with the car!
car has been pretty reliable so far