2010 Pontiac Vibe Questions

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Wipers only start working once I give the blades a tug.
Switch or Motor causing the problem?
There were fog lights after market on the car but broke. I saw the wire hanging down so I used the same wire. This wife went to the fuse box, a green fuse, so I hooked it to that and the other wire to ground. Turned it on, it came on but then turned off and I couldn't turn it on anymore. Radio works, lights work, when I turn the key, I hear something like a fan.
The hatch is open an the latch is lock an the key or the button will not unlock it
The left blinker dashboard light stays on solid after engine dies. There was no sign that anything was wrong. I started my car to warm it up. 10 minutes later when I came out to leave, it wasn't running but all the lights were working. When I tried to start it again, it started and then the engine stops running 3 seconds later.
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