2009 Pontiac Vibe Questions

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Suddenly vsc off sigan showing &same time engine and slip sigan is coming too
Can't find the overdrive button car is making funny noise when I stop.
problem. They dont stay on all the time help
ive had this fixed in 2014 and 2015 looks like ill have to do it again
Over the past several weeks I have noticed that my car vibrates slightly when idle. This is usually when I am at a stop light but sometimes happens when moving. It is more of a flutter but enough to feel it. It seems to lessen if I turn off the fan. I thought it was just the fan (as in air conditioner). Sometimes when I begin to accelerate it feels like the engine is hesitating rather than responding immediately like it normally would. Any ideas what it could be and a ballpark on how much it will cost to repair it? Mileage is 54,000. I keep up with maintenance... Oil changes, etc. not sure of engine size. I just guessed at 1.8L.
I am concerned with the "clockspring" issue that was talked about on this site. When I called GM and gave them my vin #, they told me that it was not recalled. Is this true?

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It has a slight miss when it is in drive.I took it in, they changed the plugs, cleaned the fuel injectors and now they say it has low compression and needs a valve job.Could it be anything other than the valves??? They quoted a very high price.
i changed the front brakes of my pontiac vibe 09 and after i drove for a minute the traction control system light came up and the car brakes and there is a noise from the front of the car.since then it keeps happening
Check engine, traction control is engaged, and traction control failure lights are on. Radio will not work. Car will only idle and won't run faster than 10mph.
So i took my vibe in for the airbag recall when i got the car back the "VSC Off" light was flashing and the Traction control light was on . Also the car was automatically engaging the traction. so when you drove the traction control was engaging thinking that we were skidding on the road . The airbag recall could it affect the VSC and the traction control , did the mechanic pull/thug on the wiring for it . I read that the spiral cable assembly and ffc were touched in the airbag recall someone please help thank you
the air bag indicator light came on. Vehicle has 80,844 miles. If vehicle is turned off and then restarted light will go out but come back on after a few minutes.
Changed the rear wheel hub assembly and the ABS wheel speed sensor. I've researched everything I can find but can't find any information on just the all wheel drive light.
I took it to the dealership and they said it needed new spark plugs, I replaced those and cleared the lights on the computer only to come back on shortly obviously the spark plugs were not the problem.
Whats your picture of is it art or parts to a big engine if seen offset on a big motor with a blower THANKS the cars my moms and knows very little about them and im disabled from injury numb on left side but prior years back did two years of auto mechanics thanks for all you have been great help and nice about it as well .
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