2008 Pontiac Vibe Questions

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My 08 Vibe was t- boned and I want to repair it I can the passenger side doors
sometime they work and sometime they don't.
Since my Vibe's water pump was replaced recently, all of my lights will work during daylight, but my low-beam headlights (only) stop working once daylight fails. All other lights work properly (daytime running lights, fog lights, high-beams).
The engine went off while I was driving.
The fuel pump was tested and is okay.
Cranking sensor has been tested and is okay.
There is a lot of dirt in the fuel tank.
My husband found out why my AC would quit blowing when I stopped or accelerated, but we are having a problem fixing it permanently. Turns out a cable behind the radio that resembles a bicycle cable is jarring loose. We haven't been able to find out exactly what the cable is called, nor where it connects at the other end so that we can check both ends.
Any help is HUGELY appreciated! The manual he got doesn't include this part, & I only found out this the prob by searching threads online. He got me a new stereo a few years back & seems it was disturbed during install but didn't begin disconnecting until recently.
If you can suggest a way to stabilize it that'd be great too! It only seems to come loose during stopping & accelerating as I Said, not @ high speeds or on bumpy roads.
Thank you for your help!
AC always blowing cold when button light. No amount of button pushing or changing temp control turns off AC.
I called a dealer to quote a transmission flush and he told me this car doesnt need a flush. He explained that it uses a special fluid to replace and that's it. Does this make sence? He said this was per the manuel. I will look myself, but was looking for other peoples thoughts and experiences with this.
This is a first time repalcement.
How do you replace the driver side power mirror?
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