2007 Pontiac Vibe Questions

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When I lock my doors with my key fob the car only flashes the lights and doesn't beep. Have been looking all over the internet and car manual but haven't found anything. Please help!
There was a very loud clicking noise right under the passenger air bag. I had to take it to a GM dealer. The cost was $250 and wondered if this pertains to the recall now?
The fan blower will go off. It will come back on next day. Could this be as simple as a fuse?
My mechanic tells me that my canister cover has a leak and is filling up with water. I have ordered parts to repair it but it's been 3 weeks now and I've been told not to drive the car when there is water on the road. It's winter here (and roads are wet also) - what happens if the canister has water in it that freezes? Will my car stop working? Will my fuel tank collapse?
now when you go 60 mph it vibrates hard when you step on brakes. It happens all the time now. It just started vibrating while I'm driving 60 mph. I'm afraid to drive it.
upon recommendation, i looked behind the glove box for a loose relay, found one resting on some wires and cannot locate the proper location.
As a result I have no radio, lights, power windows, power locks, and stuck in park(I figured out how to override that) and in moving to safer parking, the transmission shifts roughly. Is this going to cost a fortune to fix I don't have? This is last car I can buy.
going down the hwy and the belt sch wells and it dies and it won't start?
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