2006 Pontiac Vibe Questions

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when turning on the heater control the cooling fan turns on but not the blower motor and there is no heat
Sometimes I need to hold/pump the brakes to get it to start, sometimes I need to give it gas, and sometimes it starts right up. I have tried fuel injector cleaner, and there has been no difference.
These are the CEL codes
replaced battery the battery light came on replaced alternator battery light still on and now the running lights won't come on at all and the automatic part that makes the lights come in doesn't work either.
For past year car started acting like I was In 5 th gear and check light will come on saying control module. It will only do it when I'm first or second or neutral. Also my cruise control light will start blinking on and off. So I would have to pull over shut the car off and it would be normal again. It's being doing it way more offten like 4-6 times a day, and finally it won't even start. We checked battery, starter, alternator everything ok. But the car ant start, anyone had some problems? Any ideas?
Ihave replace my oxygen sensors and mask air flow sensor. check engine still on.code p0031
I know how many miles I go to and from work but my odometer is adding at almost double that rate.
My pontiac vibe is not GT, but I do have an upgraded exhaust, can I put in a cold air intake?
I would also like to know the location of the fuel filter and the fuel pump.
My car has no power and is blowing white smoke, its hard to start and when you push on the gas pedal it misses and stalls out
I just bought a manual transmission, 2006 Vibe. The clutch engages at about 1/2" from the floor. Is this normal? It seems low. My daughter can drive it but I (I have been driving manual xmission all my life ahah) have trouble not stalling it. Is the clutch low? I just want to make sure my daughter will be safe.
Nothing hanging or appears to be broken. is there a flex joint? or belt? that could break. Or a solenoid that can be checked
My gas mileage is down 30%. It's not because of the winter weather as it has been doing this slowly since September.
Also, I don't have as much juice when I hit gas. Feels slower and the RPM's go up.

It has been hooked up to be tested and nothing shows that anything is wrong. I'm having spark plugs and air filter changed. I am going to drive it out of state this weekend (about 400 miles round trip). If it still acts the same...WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT???? btw: has 98,000 miles and has always had good gas mileage 27-33 mpg about 370 miles per tank(12 gallon tank). Now i'm getting about 270 a tank.
Engine light is on, smoke comes out exhaust pipe when started up, it acts like it is going to stop in the middle of rode and blows out smoke and sputters!!! Have an appointment on Jan. 5th for a possible fix, but don't think it will make it that long.
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