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Torque converter switch is stuck off and we failed emissions.
I know it sounds kind of stupid at first, but when I crank my car the lights come on immediately. Dark, light, doesn't matter. However, I have the light switch in the off in it literally says off. So I'm not sure why any lights are on. There seems to be absolutely no way to turn them off at all other than to turn off the car. Please if someone knows a way to disable them let me know. Thanks.
The first five mins was on city roads so the speed was like 30 to 35 miles but then I went onto the freeway when I found I couldn't get the speed up. Then I switched back to the D gear. But the whole process, the rpm never went near to redline. It was around 5k to 6k. The redline is 7k to 8k and above.
they continue to operate. No matter what position the control is put in the wipers continue to run. It seems as though this only happens when the weather becomes real cold out. Once the temperatures warm up, the problem stops. Please provide some solutions......
I removed the crank handle, and the door panel, but I cannot see where the screw is and, what type of tool I need too. Can you help me?
when i place the key in the ignition and turn it to on the lights in the speedometer etc. come on like normal but when i turn the key to try and start it all lights go off and it doesnt make a sound. The battery is good along with the ground and connections to the battery, the starter has been checked and ive replaced the ignition relay and the starter relay. im all out of ideas so ive landed on the ignition switch....
This problem occurs when the car in also in low speeds like when on surface streets and in slow moving traffic. Turing the heater on actually reverses the engine overheating unless the idle time is extended (as in car idle but not moving).
Opening with the handle I can hear the pins open or at a least one unlatch. I can also hear the door pin/pins clutch when the door latch button is pressed on the dash. The doors are unlocked. And the door sensor reads door is open. Also the rear wiper and defroster are working right now either, all not working at the same time.
Check engine light came on with code specific to Bank 1 02 sensor. Had that changed, month later light came back on again, same code. 02 sensor was replaced (in case of defectiveness)2 days later check engine light is on again. Heading in to have it read. IF the code comes back as Bank 1 02 sensor, does that mean the catalytic converter needs to be tested to see if it's triggering the error. I read previous q&a's and there was one that was suppose to link to a page discussing this but the link does not work.

thanks for the help,
overfilled my gas tank, been driving for one year with a bad evap canister. Charcoal on my gas cap and door cover. How bad is it for my car? Whats the repair involve replacement of? Just canister? Thanks!
how do i fix this and could it be the eao vaalve
The door clicks open and shut constantly if I turn on my defroster which I need at this time of year. I must hold in the max air button to keep the door from opening and closing. But then it uses only recycled air from the interior of the car.
engaging when engine is off clutch spins freely
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