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It is just when im driving down it has a loud roar in the front part of my van
When I hook up my code reader and stream ABS data, my reader is showing some weird readings. All values from ABS (including each wheel sensor) are ranging from minimum to maximum and does not show actual data.
What would cause my car not to start now.
number 6 cylnder misfire detected check engine light flashing then to a steady light engine making a metal knocking sound turn off twice while driving ... changed the 3 ignition coils....spark plug wires....spark plugs...engine oil....changed number 6 fuel injector.....added fuel injector cleaner to gas tank...added oil lucus staibleilzer to oil......has 124,00 mil....what else could be the problem.... could it be the valve stem no good....
Could be the problem 1997pontiac transport 3400
just started slow on crank twice now wont start at all. I have air valves on came lose tonight the other the part store closed off months ago they are by the battery and there is a sound and vibration every min or so coming from rear of car
just stopped working now.i can see motor working but wiper blades won't move
Could it be a door from coil that's not opening correctly
So my boyfriend drove the van up the street to meet with his brother. It was driving just fine, then he parked and turned the van o# to meet up with his brother. When he went to leave, the van wouldn't turn back on. Why? A home garage michanic told me it was the timing chain, but another guy who woks on cars told me it doesn't sound like it's the timing chain At all!!! I need some answers please I'm desperate to find out.
The van died when driving down the highway.I checked the timing chain, changed the spark plugs and wires, changed the fuel filter. I know its getting spark and fuel.
These are all the codes before I did any thing:
Hesitation. Rpm on dash 0, crank sensor new. Plugs new, plug wires new. Any ideas where to turn now. Plz help.
after taking my van in for an oil change it started to make a noise but before that the oil light came on
I am wondering if once all the oil and gunk was removed from the engine would that possibly be the piston hitting the top of the casement because the piston is now able to travel the full stroke
I can see the front ones.....but NOT the back ones...HELP
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