1995 Pontiac Trans Sport Questions

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can't open it to replace lock.
car was sitting up for a while, is backfiring and idles high
i need help to find the fuel swith
the van starts most of the time ,but sometimes it it shuts right off and then driving down the road it stalls without any warning
please just need instructions
How do I know if my water pump has gone out?
the temp gauge & the cooling fan stopped working. I changed the temp sensor didn"t work.
trying to help grand parents out who cant afford to take to auto shop. just need to find were the emrgency shut off switch is for the fuel pump? please HELP!!!!!!!!!!
electrical problem while jumping another car the positive lead was shorted to the chassis of the car. Now the engine will turn over but will not start and the lights, turnlights, radio, will not work and when the key is turned on the check engine light comes on. is there somewhere I should check first.
I have 95 Pontiac Transport with a 3.8L.. The problem is the idle goes up and down at idle and when coming to a stop, you need a ft on brakes and ft on gas to keep it running while driving. I have codes p0341, p1640, & p1670. The 341 is a cam sensor code. I talk to a Pontiac mechanic said to check to make sure the magnet is still on the cam behind the sensor which it is. I was messing around with the vacuum lines and took off the 1 that goes from transmission to the vacuum t. It ran great no stalling, but I know I need that trans line hooked up. Can I have a vacuum problem? Could it be something with the canister purge valve? Can you help me out with what it could be and what I should do?
van loses power uphill and smells of exhaust fumes-also jerks uphill or when driving around 30mph and gets hot as well as trouble starting at times-possible problems w/ catalytic converter?
i have a friend that has a leaking heater core hose on the back side of the engine. we can eccess the hoses,but we cant seem to find any one who sells these items .It also looks like it connects to the block of the engine, right above the oil filter.
Dropped the engine out to do some work, then put it back in. before the work the cooling fan worked fine, afterwards it wouldn't come on. Replaced both coolant sensors(fan and Gauge) replaced the fan relay, finally replaced the computer. Fan comes on now but it comes on at 235 degrees and shuts off at 220, before it came on at 220 and shut off at 195. Dealer says that is how manufacturer wants it, seems too hot to me is this correct and if not how can i change it.
where is the relay located
Slipping in reverse
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