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I replaced pan gasket twice ,and left output shaft seal , but ATF is still drooling down from above somewhere. What leaks above that area and can I fix it without $2500 transmission shop work ?
As you drive the transmission stalls the engine out when changing between 1st an 2nd gear or between 2nd an 3rd gear, an runs fine when in 4th or overdrive gear. it stall sometime when coming down into 1st but mostly stalls when going up in gears.
Air conditioner blows air always but not always cold air, it kicks out. When set on heat does same thing, blows air but the heat often kicks out and no heat just air.
The starter is easily turning over the engine but it is taking longer and longer to "catch/start" the last couple of weeks. It always used to start in a second. ( 193K miles) I tried to turn it on to "pump it up" a few seconds first , then engage the starter , but that had no effect.
What needs to be replaced ?
We've lubed everything and still can't get the doors open, any suggestion as to what part of the door handle we need to take a look at? Sliding door is the only door that will open from the outside.
when turning to the left the wheel gets stuck
how do i fix the door handle on my van also how do i fix the window moter
the rubber is coming off of my harmonic balancer and its making a flapping noise.
Its been happn more often! I dont drive far then ity shuts off when I come to stop or when I shut off engine it wont start again
it skip and miss and how much wiil a engine cost
i dont knhow if the motor is bad are not
The Engine starts up just fine will sit and idel with out any problem. When I go to shift it into drive the engine dies. can any one help?
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