1992 Pontiac Trans Sport Questions

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power windows wont work
Cable broke and can no longer pull open with pliers. I can't pop the hood to open. I took to gas station and they cracked the hood (fiberglass) but did not leave a way to reopen.
I accidently hit door lock,but then I unlocked it, & door will not open from inside or out side, door is locking &unlocking alright but won`t open
ok,I had the battery & the alternator checked, & nothing wrong with them, the amp gauge,the tach, & the speedometer doesn`t work, & when you take off you have to give it the gas ?
today, the speedometer & tach quit, the amp gauge quit, the service engine soon light is on,& the abs light is on, also when you put it in gear takes off real slow
what is a psdl module?It is on the ctsy fuse.No books seem to list this mystery part
when im driving it cuts out and going up hills it backfires
is there anywhere that I can get pictures of how to take it apart & put it back together,because I don`t have the money to run out & buy a manuel on how to do this. ty
I have a leak in the heater,someone told me you have to take it apart from the inside,is it hard do do yourself, or do I have to take it to a garage,or does anyone have pictures of how to do it. thank you
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