2006 Pontiac Torrent Questions

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All lights came on but won’t go off
High beams on on but when I pull the high beams switch to shut them off they will not go off.
Driving rhe car 2007 pontiac torrent and the atabil track light came on when the brake is applied. Goes off and reaeta after it is off for awhile thwn comes back on

What seems to make the problem better or worse? When you apply the brakes
How long have you had this problem? Today
How replace the heater core put everything back in and my turn signal switch is smoking when you turn your turn signals on
The manual says it's a self defense mechanism when it senses the transaxle overheating. It switches into 5 th gear and the car slows down when this happens. Then it returns to normal speed.
It has been flashing occasionally for about 2 weeks.
Just purchased used unable to lock steering wheel.
I need some help figuring out why my car won't start with a band new battery after driven about 15 miles without an oil filter
Transmission was pulling slow and jerking now it don't change gears now or move but it start right up but won't move when I change it into gears.
First off, noticed a while back water soaks the floor boards front and back. Recently the heat quit working when idling. Blows luke warm air but when pressing down on the gas it then blows hot air. Now the car is overheating. Does it mainly when sitting still and idling. Normally cools down while driving. But also noticed it overheats if driving interstate at high speeds such as 70 or 80 but is okay when driving about 50 or 55. Noticed that after parked and car is turned off the fans will kick on. When we Opened up place to put antifreeze noticed it was nasty looking and was bubbling. I don't think it's circulating threw at all. Normally no lose of coolant but sometimes seems to have lost some. But haven't experienced any leaks at all. What cld all this be?
The freeze plug blew out after the engine overheated a few times. GM dealership service center said they tried to put a plug in but it kept coming out. They said because its in the rear of the engine it will cost $1574 to replace.
Headlights wont turn off when the ignition is off, also smoke coming from the steering wheel.
The driveshaft is extremely rusty. I am looking to replace it or have it repaired. However, if I don't need the driveshaft, I will have it removed.
It doesn't happen all the time. The key will turn on a couple times in a row, and then it will act up again
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