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The gas pump has been checked and is ok. Tank cleaned. O2 sensor changed.
I have a 2001 Sunfire SE 2.2. It overheated and I seen small amount of a light white smoke from the 3rd plug. No abnormal smoke from the exhaust. It does look like oil was leaking from valve cover. I had got the new plugs, wires, and coil packs before this happened. Seems the fan also does not want to turn on without messing with the fuse. It does not seem to want to stay on either. I have not pulled the plugs yet, but there is a lot of grime build up around all the plugs. Nothing looks bad with the valves. I did get a new gasket. I would assume this may all be related but I'm an IT guy not a mechanic. Trying to research this I found nothing with this exact issue. It seemed to run fine before I repaired a broken vacuum line (the one with the evap service port, not sure part names was co next to) and this fixed the check engine light. Also reattach the cruise control throttle cable and Coolent level sensor, both unplugged when I bought the car. This happened the next day. Thoughts?
Since the crew fell out the ground connector underneath the battery tray.The horn ,windshield wipers,,lights want come the correct way.
Once back key wont go forward. Tried hold steering wheel to left cltch and brake depressed. Trans in eutral
i had a full tune-up and engine light came on and stays on, took it back had it reset, they told me it was internal, what does that mean, also oil sencor replaced too and after driving a bit when idle it comes on also. i paid 900.00 for mt repairs, i also relaced the AC motor
So I bought a 2001 Pontiac sunfire as a beater car. The parking break doesn't work and usually this isn't a problem but because it is a manual I kind of need it. When I pull the lever the light comes on and it locks into place but it does not apply the parking break.
Ok so, I replaced all of the above. Before, the heat would get ice cold, the car would overheat, and if I loosened the cap, blackish water would shoot out of the overflow tube. Now, the heat always works, the car overheats a little, not as bad as before. I also get a very weird gurgling noise as well. It makes the noise when the car is running, and for about 15 seconds after I shut it off. If I turn my heat on, the noise goes silent, but then comes back, but not as loud. For an example of the noise I posted a video on YouTube. Please reply, any help is appreciated! I tried to post the link, but it will not allow me.
i had my father look at my ignition because he knows alot about cars but couldnt figure out what was wrong with it either. i also have to detach my battery because it keeps dying. ever since my ignition stopped turning my battery dies, wipers dont work,heater dont work and my sun roof wont open
my shifter indicates that it should be a 4 speed automatic transmission but their is a 3 speed automatic in the car is their a way to tell what the car is suppose to have. I think the transmission has been changed but not sure
I replaced the motor but the new motor runs only on high too.
My check engine light keeps coming on right when I start the car and its always in the morning. I took my car to my mechanic and they look at my car and replaced the canister purge valve twice now. I know parts that every mechanic uses to replace broken ones can be defective with out them knowing it. But two in a row. Is it something else or just bad luck on the parts?
It sat up for about 3 years and I've flushed the radiator twice, put 2 different thermostats, new coolant, water pump and temperature cooling sensor on it. It doesn't smell hot and runs fine but every now and then my oil light comes on, but it's full, just been replaced. Could it be my head gasket? My oil is not milky and it doesn't blow white smoke from my exhaust pipe. What else can I do?
2001 Pontiac Sunfire - your estimate calculator said it should be between $550 and $800. Mechanic ship is in Missouri - zip code 63012
Rear passenger area makes a noise. Its most noticeable in the AM when I leave for work,or when weight is in the trunk.
I threw my camera under and took a recording. The noise is notice able at :58 and 1:01. Any suggestions?

yout tube .com/watch?v=wZ1txx-njlI&
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