1999 Pontiac Sunfire Questions

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What are the distances and heights to accurately Aline headlights
At first it was just slipping and I turned the corner and it acted like it didn't want to turn. Then it wouldn't change gears at all. I tried manipulating the levers and that wouldn't work it feels as if the shifter has no response.

checked both bulbs they are good
Dashboard light abs?
My car is a 99 Sunfire GT 2Dr 2.4 my shifter moves freely when I press the break but the car want change out of gear I checked the bushings it's still attached but not sure about the cable cord. My car starts up everything works but want come out of Neutral when I shift gears. It just started today. How much would that cost to be fix in I order my parts for both today. Thanks again for your advice.
I have to drive my car with and automatic in 2nd gear because if I got it in drive it reaches 30 and dropped back down to 20 even with my foot still on the pedal and all it does is rev up the engine, what could be wroung??? And I need my car asap for girlfriend to go to work, me to school, and my daughter to doctors and ect... please help
I have a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire that want start. I have already installed 3 starters in my car and my car will run 2 to 3 days and then it want start again.
Had a new timing chain put in a Valve job done. She still backfires thru the exhaust. She is so far out of time the garage says new engine.The head is good yet.
how much to fix both of these and he to see to fix them
The whole car rumbles while I'm holding the brakes and it's in Drive second or first what would be causing this
Tested battery, tested starter , there is not even a click.
I got the car from a old ladie who lost her keys and she had her grandson drill out the ignition well they gave the car to me with new ignition and key with a passlock sensor attached . I dont think its from the same exact year does that matter cause i got the security light to go off and got it to turn over with the ignition switch detached from colom bht key turned over in cylinder. Does the switch have to be attached to colom and cyliner in order to work correctly. My fuel system still wont come on even with security light off now what else would make it not come on ive checked all the fuses. And they are all good . How can i delete passlock all together?
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